Airfield Electrical Systems and NAVAIDS

For over 25 years, IMDC, Inc. has been an industry leader in the design of airfield lighting, signage and power distribution.   Whether upgrading or proposing new systems, our expertise encompasses the full scope of resources required to turn a conceptual design into a functioning system, including planning, engineering design, construction, program and construction management, and operations and maintenance.

The proper design of airfield lighting, signage and power distribution systems is required to meet the standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration.  This is to aid pilots when maneuvering aircraft on an airfield during both daylight and night hours.  Although the reflective qualities and color coding of fixtures and signage aid pilots during high visibility operations without being energized, power distribution is still an important part of the system design.  Power distribution circuit layout and implementation is critical to the longevity of continuous electrical power to energize these visual devices when called upon.

The use of the correct tools and installation methods must be monitored and implemented in an acceptable manner to obtain optimum return on investment.  Some of our most recent design and construction projects have been at Charlotte-Douglas Int’l, Piedmont-Triad Int’l, Kansas City Int’l and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l.